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The birthplace of Aphrodite

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Petra tou Romiou, that is translated as "Stone of the Greek", is one of the most romantic and lovely places in the Paphos area. It is believed that the name was associated with one of the Byzantine heroes - the of Digenis Akritas. Tell that to this place he managed to stop Arabs and Saracens, who in the period from VII to X century raided the island. The legendary hero was thrown into enemies are swam on their boats to shore, a huge stone, which this area became known as Petra tou Romiou - this stone still rises above the sea water.

However, there is another, more romantic legend connected with this coast, which has another name - the birthplace of Aphrodite or Aphrodite's Rock. According to legend, there was a beautiful Greek goddess, born from sea foam, came to earth. For good reason one of its names - Venus.

Today, this coast is very popular among couples and honeymooners who come literally from around the world. In addition, it is believed that single but looking for love people can find there soul mate. Romantics believe that if we can find this beach a stone in the shape of a heart, soon you'll meet your true love. But if obplyt the Rock of Aphrodite three times counterclockwise, it will come true make a wish. It is important not to confuse the coveted rock with other rocks, which is quite a lot in that place. "The" Aphrodite's Rock is a relatively small semi-circular dark stone towering above the water only a few metres from the shore.

But to stay young and beautiful, is only in the moonlit night to swim near the cliff naked. However, we must be very careful with this, as the water at Petra tou Romiou cold enough and the waves high and strong.