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A port fortress

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At the harbour in Kato Paphos, on the very Western edge of the embankment, lies one of the most interesting places in Paphos is a Port fortress. Historical sources indicate that this Harbor was used extensively in the era of Alexander the great of Macedon.

The first fortification of the Harbor was built by the Byzantines. It was a small castle with only one entrance, narrow Windows, one square tower and a small patio. But the building was destroyed by powerful earthquake in 1222. Later the fortress was rebuilt by the Lusignans in the IV century. Then on the coast, was erected two towers that were supposed to protect the city from the sea. Later, when the power on the island tried to capture the Turkish army, the Venetians, who at that time the territory, completely destroyed the Fort that the Ottomans could not use them subsequently.

However, in 1592 the Ottomans, which managed to occupy the city, the site of one of the destroyed towers erected a new fortress, which still stands today in the port of Paphos. However, in addition to its main function to protect the city, this fortification was to fulfill the role of a prison for prisoners of war, as there had stored weapons and ammunition. And when the city was captured by the British army, the castle even served as a salt warehouse.

Now the place is very popular among tourists. The fortress works exhibition gallery, and from its roof offers stunning views of the surrounding area. In addition, more recently the Port of the fortress every year in September, cultural festival.