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Promenade Cimon

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Embankment of Cimon in Larnaca is a very popular vacation spot among the locals and among the tourists and may in its beauty to compete with the promenades in nice and Cannes.

This seaside Boulevard was named in honor of the famous General Cimon, who in the middle of the V century BC, arrived in Larnaca, then known as Kition, from Athens, to free the city from the Persians. His army managed to defeat the enemy, but the General himself died heroically in battle. They buried him with great honors, and residents still remember and honor their liberator.

In the 1920-ies on the embankment was a marble bust of this legendary military leader, in which his words are written, he said, considered before his death: "even in death I'll be the winner."

However, locals often call it "palm promenade", as it is fully lined with luxurious palm trees, through which there even in the heat you can find shelter from the scorching sun.

The promenade and square which has a monument to General Kimono are a gathering place for residents during major holidays and festivals, and on the big stage installed next, often hosts a variety of concerts. One of the most favorite festivals of Cypriots, which is traditionally held on the waterfront, is fair Pentecost-Kataklysmos.

In addition, also on the waterfront is a monument to another famous person, born in Larnaca philosopher Zeno, and along it there are many cozy cafes and restaurants where you can have a good time.