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Once a large city, the center of economic political and cultural life of Cyprus, Salamina (Salamis) was located near modern Famagusta. This ancient settlement has played a really huge role in the development of the whole island.

Scientists tend to believe that the history of the city began in the days of the Trojan war, when on the coast of Famagusta was founded the village of the Greeks-the Achaeans. Over time, they advanced inland, capturing the capital of Cypriots to Alasia. Local residents had to find another place to live. It was then that they founded on the coast of his new city, which later became known as Salamis.

According to another version the town was founded by one of the participants in the Trojan war Tikram, who was accused of the death of his brother Ajax. Because of this he was cursed and exiled from their native island of Salamis. Tavkr settled in Cyprus and built a city, naming it in honor of his native country.

The first mention of Salamis appear in the VII century BC For the entire period of its existence the city was ruled by different peoples: the Egyptians, Persians, Romans. This settlement has always been a strategically important point - the one who managed to capture him was able almost effortlessly to capture the whole island.

During the reign of Emperor Constantine Salamis was rebuilt after the terrible earthquake that not only destroyed the city but also led to the deaths of most of its inhabitants. The new settlement received the name of Constantia. However, Constance did not last too long. Constant pirate raids led to the fact that the city was almost completely destroyed, and people chose to move to Famagusta.

Now, the Salamis ruins. But even they look large and majestic. So, there you can see the remains of an amphitheatre, stadium, market square, and even public restrooms. In addition to our day was preserved and beautiful mosaics, which were decorated many buildings in the city.