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Located in the village of Agia NAPA the monastery of the same name was built in the XV century. It is believed that it was built after the place in the forest and cave were found the ancient icon of the virgin Mary. The icon was probably hidden there is still the VIII century, when the Byzantine Empire began a period of iconoclasm. Found a Shrine called the "Madonna of the forest", and subsequently dubbed her, Agia NAPA, which translated means "Holy forest". It is on the site of the caves, the Venetians and built a monastery, around which gradually built a settlement.

After the capture of the Ottoman power on the island, the monastery continued to operate, but was turned into a male. But in the middle of the XVIII century it was abandoned and neglected. And only in 1950 the government of Cyprus undertook its reconstruction.

At the moment the monastery is not valid. Services are held in a small Church built next to it in 1994. However, there you can see a lovely little courtyard where a marble fountain built in honor of a noble Venetian, the grave next to him. As the story goes, the girl fell in love with an ordinary boy from a poor family. Her parents, whose money built the monastery, was, of course, against their marriage, so unhappy in love decided to become a nun. It was she, according to legend, landed on the shore of a small pond near the monastery, the tree that grows there still. In addition, on the territory of the monastery complex there are several beautiful chapels.

Every year in September in the monastery is the cultural and religious festival, during which, on 8 September, is celebrated patronal feast day of Agia NAPA - day virgin.