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The KEO factory

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One of the most famous and largest wineries of Cyprus - Keo factory - was founded in 1927. It is located in Limassol, about a kilometer from the old port. Initially it was quite a small production, which over the years has successfully developed and developed new markets. In 1951, the company opened its first brewery, and annually produces approximately 300 thousand gallons of this heady drink. At the present day under the name KEO produces more than 30 thousand hectoliters of beer each month.

This brand is well known all around the world - KEO produces and exports not only its wines and Beers as well as liquors, cognac, mineral water, fruit juices and canned fruits and vegetables in more than three dozen countries of Europe, America and the Middle East.

Most of this plant is known for its elite Commandaria wine from sweet grapes, even centuries ago recognized as the "Apostle of all wines", a recipe which is one of the oldest.

Employees are happy to spend for all who want a factory tour, during which you can see the large wine cellars and production halls, to observe the process of brewing beer, and in the end of the tour to taste the delicious wines of Cyprus - from the sweet to the weak and the strong. And that is remarkable, and the tour and tasting are absolutely free. In addition, you can also purchase any beverage and it will cost much cheaper than in any other area of Limassol.