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The ancient Odeon theatre, located in one of the historical parks in the North-East of Paphos town, close to the famous Villa of Dionysos and the Asklepieion. Also near the amphitheatre being excavated on the site of the ancient market place Agora, and on the other hand stands a modern lighthouse. Built the theatre was still in the Hellenic era, and in the II-III centuries ad were built by the Romans, and, despite his considerable age, is still quite well preserved. Although she was, like many other ancient buildings severely damaged by the massive earthquake that occurred in the fourth century.

The whole amphitheater was almost completely carved in a solid rock, only the lower part is built of separate stone slabs. In the center is a stage with a diameter of about 11 meters.

The Odeon was discovered only in 1973, after a decision was made on its restoration. Initially, it was a huge building - there were 25 rows of seats, but there are now only 12. The entire amphitheatre could hold about 1200 spectators. Earlier, their number reached several thousand. In addition, before the earthquake, the theater was fully covered.

Odeon is not just a historical monument, but also the current theater, which plays a significant role in the cultural life of Paphos. There are regularly held various events and festivals. So, for example, this is where every year takes place the famous international festival of choirs. In addition, once a week during summer on the stage of the Odeon in the framework of the festival "Rhythms of the world" dance parties are held in which the participants revive the culture of the ancient dance performances.