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Royal tombs

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Not far from the harbour of Paphos is one of the most grandiose ancient structures not only of this city but of the whole of Cyprus - the Royal tombs. These tombs were carved into the rocks of the famous hill Factory in the Ptolemaic period specifically for the burial of the aristocracy and the higher ranks of the island. This necropolis were also used in Roman times. More specifically, this necropolis began to build in the III century BC, and the burial there continued until the III century of our era.

Though the tomb and called the Royal, in fact, there wasn't no king. Just the building looks so majestic and magnificent that it seems as though it really was created for the burial of royalty. Some tombs are more like small palaces with spacious, columned halls. The walls of some of these "rooms" decorated with paintings, frescoes and stone carvings. And some remind you of the premises, which contained furniture and art objects. Overall, the Royal tombs represent an extensive system of corridors, "inner courtyards" and the tombs, which number more than hundreds. One time the necropolis was even used by Christians as a refuge, where they hid from persecution.

Gradually the tomb, in which was stored a lot of valuables were looted.

Excavations there began in the middle of the last century, increased interest in him broke out in the 70-ies. And they continue to this day. During this period there were found many interesting things, which made it possible to learn more about the customs and rituals of people who lived on this earth.