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Amusement Park

Photos and description

The most famous amusement Park of Ayia NAPA was founded in 1999. Then it was a small Park with kiddie rides small carousel and cars. Now this place occupies an area of about 25 thousand square meters, and a variety of attractions which the Park has 25, is breathtaking not only in children but also in adults.

Although the Park is primarily aimed at children, but there are a few attractions that will surely leave a lasting impression and adults. So, the most popular is the so-called slingshot or a catapult (Sling Shot) - just a seat with daredevil soars to a height of 80 meters. Then the visitor is presented with a DVD of his "flight". Guests of the Park love rides Wild Mouse and Booster. And while parents are fun, the kids can run around and have fun in the games room.

Also, the Park has a large Ferris wheel, with a height of about 45 meters, offering beautiful views of the surrounding area, and you can make wonderful pictures.

Paid a visit to the rides with tokens cost 1 Euro each, which can be purchased at the box office. Different rides cost different amount of tokens. So, for more extreme fun, it will be necessary to lay three coins.

In addition, the Park has many small cafes where you can eat a snack and rest in between visits to the attractions. There is also the opportunity to arrange fun parties and family celebrations.

The Park can accommodate large number of visitors, and Parking for more than two hundred vehicles.