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The Village Of Perivola

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The village of Perivola located only 16 kilometers West of Larnaca town, once had the status of a Royal "resort", and was considered a favorite vacation spot of the aristocracy and wealthy people. The village is also famous for its wonderful orchards, friendly people and a special relaxing atmosphere.

Earlier, when this territory was dominated by the French, this town belonged to the Royal family of Lusignan - from 1191 to 1489, the year. The last French owner of the village was Charles Lusignan, but he lost his possessions due to the fact that was supported by the then Queen of Cyprus Charlotte. And in the days of the Venetians of Perivola was sold to a rich Greek family Podocytes, which owned these lands until 1571.

Until the beginning of XX century, every year the population of the village decreased - in 1881 there were only 375 people. However, with the advent of the new century the demographic situation changed dramatically. Already in 2001 the population of Perivale increased to 1920 inhabitants. At the moment there are about two thousand people. In addition, every summer the village just overwhelmed with tourists, Cypriots and foreigners - every year there comes at least five thousand vacationers.

Due to its long and rich history in the village there is a huge amount of interesting places to visit - the beautiful buildings, old churches, ramparts. So, the main attraction of Perivale is considered to be a defensive tower that was built in the XVI century. Tower, though quite small, only eight meters in height, however, is an important historical monument of the Venetian period.