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Larnaca Fort

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Located in the southern part of Larnaca, close to the promenade, local Fort was considered once one of the main fortifications of the city. And now this place is a historical monument of the middle Ages and a real draw for tourists.

The first fortress on this site was built by the Lusignans at the end of the XIV century to protect the harbour from sea invasions. Later, when the government of Cyprus was captured by the Turks, strengthening literally got a second life in 1625, it was completely rebuilt. But over time it has lost its protective function, and was partially destroyed.

The Fort was restored in the second half of the XIX century, during the reign of the island the British. In the British period, the castle was turned into a police station and was also used as a prison. In addition, there were executed the most dangerous criminals in the yard specifically for this purpose established the gallows. This lasted until the middle of the last century. The last execution in the territory of the Fort took place in 1948. Almost immediately after that the police station was moved to another location.

Today the building is the historic Museum where you can see many unique items from the finds of the ancient times to the Church utensils of the Medieval period. A particularly interesting collection of various weapons.

And from the roof of the fortress offers a magnificent view of the city and the sea.

In addition, in our days, in the courtyard of the Fort city, which can accommodate about two hundred spectators, often hosts concerts, plays and other cultural events. It mostly happens in the summer.