/ / The mosque Lala Mustafa Pasha (former Cathedral. Nicholas)

The mosque Lala Mustafa Pasha (former Cathedral. Nicholas)

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During the reign of Cyprus the Ottomans, who were trying to strengthen their influence on the island, many Christian churches and monasteries were converted into mosques. That is what happened to the beautiful Cathedral of St. Nicholas, which was built in Famagusta in 1298-1312 years, even during the Lusignan period. Funds for the construction of the temple was funded by the Bishop Guillaume de Abeline, but he failed to see the Cathedral with my own eyes - he died 4 years before the end of construction. This temple is famous because there the wedding took place monarchs on the throne of Jerusalem. In addition, there began the procession, which was to stop the plague in Famagusta. And, as historians say, then do the epidemic miraculously stopped. Later, the Cathedral was converted into a mosque and was called Lala Mustafa Pasha.

The building even now is one of the most impressive Gothic structures in the city. It is known that the facade of the temple was almost completely copied from the facade of the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral, where was held the coronation of French kings. So, over the Central entrance is a small window with colored glass and traditional stone tracery casements, through which reigns in the building a little mysterious atmosphere. Outside the walls decorated with delicate wood carvings and moldings, and inside the ceiling is supported by eight massive columns.

In 1570-1571 the years, the building came under fire, injuring his tower, which was never recovered.

Behind the Cathedral is a small chapel built in the Gothic style, which now houses a small restaurant. And near it grows a Fig tree that is believed to have been planted even at the Foundation of the Church in 1299.