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Medieval Museum in the castle of Limassol

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The medieval Museum of Limassol is located in the city fortress, the famous Limassol castle. It is very close to the old harbour in the historic center of the city.

According to studies, the fortress itself was built on the site of an ancient Byzantine castle, where king Richard the Lionheart, believed to be married Berengaria of Navarre. About the history of the new castle, known not so much. Presumably it was built during the Lusignan period around the end of X century. Later, in the XVI century, the fortress was completely destroyed by one of the earthquakes. The Turks managed to restore it, but the dimensions of the strengthening steel is much less - from the original Fort was only a couple rooms of the first floor.

The basis for the collection of the Museum located in the fortress, was part of the exhibition the Cyprus Museum dedicated to the Medieval period. Later, she already began to replenish with new exhibits, collected in different cities of Cyprus, including Nicosia.

So, now in the Museum there are items that significantly went beyond the time frame originally selected period the exhibits are dated III-XVIII centuries B. C. This weapon, products from glass and ceramics, clothes, coins, lamps, jewelry and ornaments, tools and implements, objects of worship, as well as fragments and debris of the buildings from the Byzantine times, including fragments of murals, executed in the technique of sgraffito.

Special attention when visiting the Museum of the middle Ages should pay to the tombstones, brought from ancient temples Nicosia and Famagusta.