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Another famous place in Cyprus - a small fishing village of Liopetri is located near the town of Protaras, Famagusta district. Once Liopetri is famous for its churches, which in the beginning of the last century, there were seven units in the whole little village, where at that time lived less than 4,000 people. Now the number of temples decreased significantly, however, there's still something to see. For example, one of the oldest churches Liopetri extant is the Church of Agios Andronikos, which was built in the XV century. This building became famous thanks to the beautiful paintings, which can still be seen on its walls. It is also worth to visit the Church of virgin Mary, built in the XVI century.

In addition, during the struggle of the islanders for independence, the village became one of the places where military actions took place. So, in 1958 four young Cypriots, Fotis Pittas, Andreas Caries, Elias Papakyriakou and Christos Samaras entered into an unequal battle with the British troops, hiding in one of the houses in Liopetri. The English pelted the building with grenades and bombs. Now these dead soldiers think as national heroes, and the place of their death a monument was erected.

In General, Liopetri is a quiet and peaceful place, ideal for a family holiday. The villagers are mainly engaged in fishing and basket weaving, which are known throughout the island and can be a good souvenir of the trip to Cyprus. But in small restaurants on the beach you can taste the typical local dishes prepared with fresh fish.