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The shipwreck Museum

Photos and description

The shipwreck Museum located on the territory of Kyrenia fortress that once protected the city from invaders. In this small Museum you can see the hull of an old sailing ship that was discovered by the Americans in 1969 on the seabed just off the coast of Kyrenia at a depth of 30 meters. The ship was in surprisingly good condition, despite the fact that have been in the water for more than two millennia.

The ship was built around the beginning of the IV century BC, during Alexander the great, and had a length of about 15 meters. Scientists came to the conclusion that it sank in approximately 288-262 years before our era, poplava over a hundred years. The ship went down, as historians believe, after the pirates attack, because on Board were no remains of the crew, no valuable cargo. All I could find on the shipwreck is a large number of amphorae filled with almonds, a variety of everyday items, such as Cutlery, as well as millstones, which served as ship's ballast.

In addition to this 2300 year old ancient ship, which is currently considered the most ancient in the world, the shipwreck Museum the visitors are also photos, which depicted the process of research the place of death of the ship and shows how he was raised to the surface.

Unfortunately, the Museum is sorely lacking funding to ensure appropriate conditions of storage of valuable exhibits. But despite all his problems, he is very popular among tourists.