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Botanical station "Herbarium of Northern Cyprus"

Photos and description

Cyprus has always attracted tourists from all over the world for its beautiful beaches, warm sea and beautiful scenery. Landscape diversity of the island contributed to the fact that on its territory there are a huge number of species that can be admired throughout the year. Such species diversity and have pushed the Forest Department to create a Republic Botanical station "Herbarium of Northern Cyprus". It was founded in 1989 and is located in a mountain area approximately 18 miles South of the city of Girne (Kyrenia), near the village of Alevkaya.

"The herbarium of Northern Cyprus" was created to store the collection, which began to collect British botanist Derek blame. Today a unique collection of station counts more than 1.5 thousand samples of herbs, shrubs and trees that grow in the Northern part of the island. In addition, 19 species of plants in the collection are endemic in the wild they can be found exclusively in the North of Cyprus.

Thus, in the "Herbarium" can be seen several species of pine, olive and carob trees, many varieties of citrus, cedar, juniper, cypress, large variety of orchids on the island there are about 45 species (in Northern Cyprus - more than 30).

Besides dried specimens of local flora exposition presents photographs, drawings and sketches of various plants. Each instance has a detailed description.

Also, the station offers beautiful views of the mountain plateau.