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City Park and Zoo

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One of the most visited cities of Cyprus, Limassol boasts plenty of attractions and interesting places to visit. So, one of such places is the City Park in the territory of the zoo.

Over the past few years the zoo, which was founded in 1960, has undergone significant changes - for its renovation and modernization has been allocated a sick amount of money, so he was equipped in accordance with all available standards. And though the zoo is relatively small, but there are quite a large number of animals and birds (some 90 species), they all provided a good environment that is as close as possible to the natural conditions of their habitat. Among the zoo residents meet and is valid rare, Red-listed animals, such as, for example, the Cyprus mouflon.

As for the City Park, he is primarily famous for the fact that every year in September there is a wine festival, which attracts a huge number of people. This ten day festival is arranged by the local winemakers, and it was first held in 1961. Taste great wine, the secrets of which are passed on from generation to generation, complemented by bright national colors of the festival guests have the opportunity to hear traditional Cypriot songs and sounds of traditional instruments, such as, for example, busuka. In addition to tasting different wines, everyone can personally participate in the process of making this "drink of the gods".