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One of the oldest settlements of Cyprus, Choirokoitia is located on the top of a gentle hill not far from Larnaca. It is believed that it was founded about 9 thousand years ago, in the Neolithic period. Because of his advanced age this place was even listed as a cultural heritage site by UNESCO.

About the people who built the. virtually nothing is known. Their village is like no other that has ever existed on the island. So archaeologists have even invented this "mini-civilization" a separate name - gokurakuzaka Neolithic culture of Cyprus. As for the name of the city, he got the same name, which is a modern village situated at the foot of this hill.

The settlement consisted of many round buildings, both residential and commercial. Often several of these buildings were located very close to each other around a kind of courtyard. So to have survived only small fragments of buildings, it was decided to restore some of them to demonstrate what they had previously. Therefore, directly on the excavated foundations were built four new houses on ancient technology - from mud and stones. And before that it was believed that the roofs of the buildings had a dome shape, however in the past, scientists confidently say that they were just flat.

One of the main features of this place is that its inhabitants buried their dead directly in the floor of their houses. To the top of the hill, where there was., led a flight of stone steps, and around the entire settlement was built wall.

Local residents, and there were about six hundred people, mostly grew cereals and raised livestock. In addition, they were collecting wild fruit. Surprisingly, some scholars claim that the settlement also grew rice. Consequently, nine thousand years ago the island was a wet and swampy place, because the plant grows only in such conditions.