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The history of Cyprus goes back many centuries. During this time, the territory has been a multitude of people. But whichever of them had seized power on the island, certainly his life has been inextricably linked with the sea. The sea has always played a significant role in the history of Cypriot States.

In 2005 in the heart of the resort town of Ayia NAPA, the Museum was opened, which again clearly shows the close connection with the sea. The Museum is a large three-story building, constructed of steel, wood and marble. The exhibits are seemingly in the most unexpected places - they hang from the ceiling and even lie in a special showcase in the floor so that it is possible to "walk" and admire them from above.

The exposition of the Museum of the sea includes unique finds - the items that were discovered on the coast of the island, and also on the sea bottom near the coast of Cyprus, covering a period of history lasting more than 7 thousand years, from the Neolithic period to the present time. For example, there you can see copies of the ships created on the basis of the found fragments, which can clearly be seen "evolution" of shipbuilding and seafaring history of Cyprus, starting from the tenth century BC in addition, the Museum has many items of art - paintings, statues, engravings, combined Maritime theme.

Particularly interesting visit to this Museum will be for all those who are seriously passionate about the sea. After all, the Museum regularly hosts various scientific seminars, lectures, meetings and symposia, which bring together researchers to discuss their latest research results.