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The Museum of sea life and Marine Park

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Located in one of the most popular resorts of Cyprus, Ayia NAPA, close to Nissi beach, the Museum of marine life is the only such Museum on the island. In his huge collection contains all the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean sea, not only the modern types. There you can also see ancient fish, animals and plants that live in those waters several thousand years ago, the appearance of which has been restored from fossils. Thanks to this, visitors have the opportunity to see marine life, have long disappeared from the face of the Earth. In the Museum there are also paintings by local artists, objects found on the seabed, including tackle shipwrecks, ceramics, and even works of art. In addition, one of the most interesting exhibits is a replica of the ancient ship "Kyrenia-eleftheria", which sank off the coast of the island approximately in the IV century BC

The Museum opened its doors to visitors in June 1992. It was also created and marine Park, which will be especially interesting to children. There are arranged a wonderful presentation of trained dolphins and sea lions.

In addition, the Museum shows interesting scientific films and documentaries, telling the story of the island to the moment the property is settled.

The main purpose of establishing this Museum was not only to acquaint visitors with the rich marine flora and fauna of Cyprus, but also to show how fragile nature is and that it should be treated very carefully.