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The Venetian walls

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The so-called Venetian walls is a Grand idea in their fortification of the city of Nicosia, which was established under the leadership of Italian military engineers, Francisco Barbaro and Giulio Savorgnano. Construction, or rather the modernization of the existing fortifications, begun in 1567 almost immediately after the capture by the Venetians to this area, and continued for several years. During this time the new owners Nicosia demolished several old palaces and churches to obtain building materials and at the same time in this way improved overview adjacent to the settlement areas. In addition, the project engineers, the Pedieos river was left outside the city walls. On the one hand this was done to protect Nicosia from possible flooding, and in order to fill with river water protective ditch around the perimeter of the wall.

However, all the work of builders were in vain - soon, namely, in 1570, the city effortlessly was captured by the Ottomans, led by Admiral Lala Mustafa Pasha. Moreover, the Venetians did not have time to complete the construction of its Grand fortifications around the city.

At the moment the circumference of the bolster is about three miles, and along the perimeter are 11 bastions, having the shape of regular pentagons. These towers were named after a famous Italian aristocratic families of Nicosia, which allocated funds for the construction of the wall. Was also a three main gates through which it was possible to get into the city: Porta San Domenico (Paphos gate), Porta del Proveditore (Kyrenia gate) and Port to Giuliana (Famagusta gate).