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The Sanctuary Of Apollo Hillsboro

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Apollo has always been one of the most revered gods of antiquity. In particular, the Cypriots believed Apollo Hillsboro the patron Saint of forests and their famous town of Kourion, as well as believed that he controls the seasons and weather.

Therefore, for the construction of the temple in honor of one of the most beautiful of the gods tried to choose the most beautiful and picturesque place. So, in honor of Apollo Hillsboro around the VII century BC, close to Kourion, near present of Limassol, on a small hill was built a large sanctuary. Throughout its history it was rebuilt several times. For example, buildings, the remains of which we can see now was built in the I century ad

To enter the territory of the sanctuary was through the West or East gate. In the centre is the temple, surrounded by rows of cypress trees and shrubs, which is still seen in this area. There was the main altar. Unfortunately, nothing has survived except for a small podium and leading him to the stairs. However, it is known that ordinary people had no access to it. Those who violated this prohibition were severely punished - they just dropped off a cliff.

Near the temple there were many other buildings: the rooms inhabited by the pilgrims, baths, outbuildings, and even gym - palestra. There are often held sports competitions in honor of Apollo.

Excavations at the site of ancient Kourion, and along with this sanctuary began only in the late nineteenth century and continuing to the present day. Of particular interest to the archaeologists called the discovery special pits, where pilgrims and locals dumped their offerings to Apollo Childcom. There have been found numerous statues as well as animal bones, mainly sheep and lambs.