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Archaeological Museum of Limassol

Photos and description

Archaeological Museum of Limassol has compiled an amazing collection of antiquities from the Neolithic age to the Roman period. Founded 1948, it was originally located in the city fortress. Some time later, during the civil war 60 years, the castle was handed over to the military, because of what the Museum had to move to another building, where he is still.

The Museum's collection demonstrates the enormous influence on the culture of Cyprus of the other States of Greece, Egypt, Rome, despite its geographic isolation.

All the exhibits that were discovered during the excavations in the area of Limassol, divided into thematic groups and are located in three spacious halls, some are also exhibited in the corridors of the building. In the first room you can see the objects found in the southern part of the County, the so-called caves of Akrotiri. Basically, this product made of clay - pots, amphorae, jugs, but there are also stone tools, objects of glass and ivory.

In the second hall are copper products, fine jewelry and jewelry, coins, lamps. There are also personal items, such as razors.

But in the third hall of the Museum holds all the most valuable exhibits there are ancient statues of various deities, including Artemis, and the Devil, gravestone products from marble.

In addition, in the Park, which is located directly in front of the Museum, put on display, some interesting exhibits, for example, belong to the once famous philanthropist Lord Kitchener sundial.