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Baths Of Aphrodite

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About 48 kilometers North of Paphos city, you can find one of the most romantic places of Cyprus - baths of Aphrodite. This magical place is located on the territory of the Akamas Peninsula.

An ancient legend says that is where he loved to take water treatments, the goddess of love, youth and beauty Aphrodite once settled on the island. This was also the meeting place of the beautiful goddess with her lover Adonis. But Artemis, having learned about secret ties two lovers decided to kill Adonis. Locals say that the blood of the murdered men turned into beautiful roses, and from the tears of Aphrodite rose anemones. The goddess was so moved by beloved, Zeus took pity on her and decided that every year Adonis will return for eight months to his lover, and four months will conduct in the underworld. This became a symbol of the changing seasons - decay and rebirth of nature Cyprus.

Bath is a charming place, surrounded by dense thickets. Under the natural overhang of the limestone cliffs is a small semi-circular pond, on whose Bank grows old Fig tree. It is believed that bathing in this pond gives youth and helps to preserve the beauty.

The baths of Aphrodite are not far from the sea with a small pebble beach and crystal clear water. In addition, near the thermal baths is an outdoor Playground, offering fascinating views of the sea and surroundings. Also there you can stroll along one of two trails, named in honor of Aphrodite and Adonis.