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As often happens, great discoveries are made by accident. So, in 1961, in Paphos, near the harbour, one of the local farmers plowing the field, found an amazing thing - the remnants of the unique structures of the Roman Empire. Soon on this place was established the archaeological Park, which attracts the lovers of antiquity from all over the world. At the moment, tourists discovered three of the four main detected buildings - this house, which belonged to the noble Romans, built around the III century of our era. They were named villas of Dionysus, Aion and Theseus. Their names these ruins received through the miraculously preserved mosaics that adorned the floors and almost completely destroyed the walls of these buildings. Each of the mosaics depicts scenes from the life of one of the gods or heroes of ancient times. Beautiful pattern composed of little stone, glass and marble tiles of different colors.

So, the biggest interest is the house of Dionysus is almost 556 square meters of remarkably preserved mosaic patterns, where you can see scenes from ancient myths about the God of wine Dionysus, as well as images made drunk with the wine of people. On the other villas the mosaics are not as impressive and not as well preserved, but also quite interesting. For example, you should pay special attention to the scene of the battle of Theseus with the Minotaur in the house of Theseus, and an image of the birth of Dionysus at Villa Iona.

Mosaic is considered one of the main attractions of Paphos, in addition, they were included in the list of world cultural heritage of UNESCO.