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The Monastery Of St. Macarius

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The monastery of St. Macarius, also known as Syrup maghar, located near the town of Kyrenia (Girne), was built in the era of the Byzantine Empire, the Coptic (Christian) monks who arrived from Egypt, in honor of Alexandria Martyr Makarios. The temple was built on the edge of spectacular cliffs, directly above the deep gorge.

In XIV-XV centuries during the reign of king John III (Janus) in the relations between Cyprus and Egypt, there was disorder, so the monastery was subordinated to the Armenian Church. After that, he was mainly used as a summer residence for monks and a place of rest for pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land. However, the new owners have slowly sell off belonging to Syrup Magar earth, causing the monastery eventually fell into disrepair. Did not save the temple from ruin, and that in gratitude for the help in the war with the Venetians, the Ottomans, seized power on the island, freed the Armenian Church from paying taxes.

In 1814, the monastery was almost completely destroyed by a major earthquake. It has been fully restored, but the original building was only a part of the wall on the East side, which stands out thanks to its high Gothic Windows. During the civil war, the monastery of St. Macarius has undergone significant destruction, there was left practically in ruins. Although some walls still preserved drawings and inscriptions in the Armenian language. Now island authorities are making significant efforts to restore it, trying to make it a popular cultural center.