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The Church Of Agia Faneromeni

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The Church of Agia Faneromeni, located in the heart of Larnaca, is one of the most revered Orthodox churches. It was built quite recently - in the last century - on the ruins of the Church of the Byzantine times.

Right under Agia Faneromeni is an ancient tomb, which was cut down in solid rock approximately in VIII century BC, it is believed that in a time when Christians were persecuted and persecution, this place was used as a secret refuge, and along the temple. Later the cave became a place of pilgrimage, and eventually people started talking about miracles that happened in this place - it is believed that praying in Agia Faneromeni, it is possible to cure many diseases. Locals even believe that if you walk around the Church three times and leave it near the South window of his clothes or a lock of hair, without a trace disappear headache and migraine.

Since the temple was very popular among tourists and pilgrims, the city government decided to build next to another one, only bigger. A new Church in Byzantine style was built in 2006 just a few dozen meters from the old one.

Even greater fame it got after a couple of years ago in the area of Faneromeni was discovered an ancient burial, presumably Phoenician, and it is about the VI-IV century BC Underground tomb was found by accident during repair works in the city sewer system. Immediately there was an assumption that they have a direct link with the graves under the Church of Agia Faneromeni. The opening was really sensational. There have been continued excavations and it is planned to create an underground Museum.