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Castle of Forty columns

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Castle of Forty columns, located near Paphos is one of the numerous fortified castles of Cyprus, which was established for the defense of territories against the Arab raids. Previously it was thought that this castle was built in XIII century, however, archaeological excavations of recent years suggests that the fortress on this spot appeared in the VII century from the Byzantines, but later, at the beginning of the XIII century, when the head of the Cypriot kingdoms became guy de Lusignan, the castle was completely rebuilt. But already in 1222, the building was almost completely destroyed due to severe earthquake.

The name of the fortress was due to the large number of granite columns that supported the vault of the castle. Presumably, all the columns were specially brought from the Greek city Agora. Originally the castle was surrounded by a massive wall, the thickness of which was about three meters in front of her traditionally were dug and filled with water a deep ditch. Also the lock was protected by eight fortified towers. On the territory of the fortress could be reached only by a wooden drawbridge. The area of the courtyard was quite small - only 35 square meters.

Despite the fact that now the castle of Forty columns left almost nothing but ruins, it is one of the greatest archaeological treasures not only of Cyprus but of the whole world. There is still possible to admire the columns, miraculously preserved remains of towers, winding staircases, dark dungeons and cellars where once stood a smithy, a bath, a mill and even a stable.