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The Monastery Of Kikko

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The Holy, Royal and stavropegic monastery of Kykkos icon of the Mother of God, or as it is briefly called the monastery of Kikko (Kykkos), is perhaps the richest in all of Cyprus. It is located amidst lush greenery on a hill near the Troodos mountains, at an altitude of 1318 meters above sea level.

The monastery was built specifically for the storage of icons of virgin Mary painted by the Apostle Luke. It is believed that this icon was brought to Cyprus from Constantinople after the daughter of Emperor Alexios I Komnenos became ill with a deadly disease - then to him in a dream the virgin Mary appeared and asked him to deliver the original of the icon at the specified location in Cyprus, then the girl will recover.

This miraculous icon is revered by locals and pilgrims as one of the greatest shrines. People believe that she protects the island and saves him from all sorts of misfortunes, such as from the invasion of locusts in 1760. For the preservation of images in 1795, it was covered with a silver frame. Since that time, the virgin's face has never been seen. But the icon is still kept in the monastery of kikko, and it attracts pilgrims from all over the world.

Now the monastery is also a Museum where you can see many valuable exhibits telling about the history of this place and the whole island. So, there is Church utensils, ancient icons, works of art. But the building itself represents no small interest, with stone walls, red-tiled roof and rich decoration, he also deserves the status of a work of art, no wonder the Cypriots themselves call it "gold Christian heart" of the island.

One of the attractions of the monastery is also considered to be located at its walls the tomb of the famous Makarios III the first President of independent Cyprus, which was once a novice in Kikko.