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Village Museum Fikardu

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In the district of Nicosia, 40 kilometers from the capital of Cyprus, at the foot of the Troodos mountains is a little small uninhabited village Fikardu, which, however, is very popular among tourists. At the moment, this settlement acquired the status of a Museum under the open sky. Residents left Fikardu in the nineteenth century, but it has been carefully restored, which helped to preserve the identity of the place - houses, their decoration have the same form as they had in the XVIII century, allowing you to immerse yourself in the history of this place. Lovely wooden and stone buildings decorated with intricate carvings, openwork balconies and colored ornaments will not leave anyone indifferent.

Two villages were totally converted into museums where you can see household items, clothing, tools, etc. One of these houses is called Kutsinhira, in honor of its former owner. It is a small two-storey building with a wooden roof, where traditionally the upper floor was reserved for living quarters, and the bottom was busy utility rooms - there was a winepress, kept the wine, vegetables and fruits, tools.

The Museum is a wonderful example of the rural dwelling of the XVI-XVIII centuries. There were collected the items that most clearly reflect the way of life of the local population at the time. In addition, there you can see many drawings, photographs and texts that show the process of restoration Fikardu.

In addition to Kutsinhira in the village worth a visit in the home of Akiles Dimitri, which was converted into a weaving workshop.

It is worth noting that these two Museum was awarded the Europa Nostra - European organization for the protection and conservation of cultural heritage.