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Kolossi Castle

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Kolossi castle was built in the XIII century, but already in the XV, namely in the years 1454-1455, some time after it was occupied by the knights Templar, it is almost completely rebuilt. Then this fortress is a fortified complex of buildings, almost each of which is in quite good condition has been preserved to our days.

Its territory, surrounded by a moat, accessed via a traditional for such buildings the drawbridge. Also there is still possible to see and visit one of the key elements of the fortress - a three-storey tower which dominates the area 25 meters. And on the facade of the castle can still be seen the family coats of arms belonging to the dynasty of the Lusignans, and the coat of arms of Jerusalem, which some time was owned by this family. In addition, one of the main attractions of Kolossi is a sugar factory, which at one time was one of the best on the island, but at the moment, unfortunately, she was virtually in ruins. It was there that the Templars started the production of the famous wine "Commandaria", which is considered one of the most elite wines in the world.

Kolossi castle, despite its relatively small size, is one of the most popular tourist areas of Limassol. This place is a must visit for those who want to feel the charming atmosphere of antiquity and to enjoy the beautiful view of the old part of the city.