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Amid the many museums and galleries in Cyprus, where found during the excavations works of art, which belong to antiquity and the middle ages, located in Nicosia national Gallery of modern art stands out quite strongly. It is located right in the historic centre of this ancient city, not far from the Venetian walls. This Museum has a unique collection of works by artists of Cyprus, who worked for a period of time, since the late nineteenth century. Also there is a large collection of works by very young Cypriot artists.

The gallery was created relatively recently - in 1994 and is part of the Urban arts center, which is located in the building of the old power plant.

The Museum collection was going for a long time - this process involved museums, public organizations, the creative community of Cyprus, Greece and other European countries. In the Museum you can see works of different styles and directions: painting, sculpture, installations. The main feature of almost all of the exhibits presented in the Gallery, is an amazing combination of art and modern technology. Special attention should be paid to the engravings, made by modern masters, - they with such amazing precision mimic the prints from the Medieval period to distinguish them can only be a specialist.

From time to time the Gallery hosts exhibitions and contemporary artists from other countries.

What is particularly nice, a visit to the arts Centre is completely free.