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Baths Büyük Hamam

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Hamam (Turkish public bath) today enjoys huge popularity worldwide and located in Nicosia baths Büyük Hamam (Great Turkish bath) is also no exception. They were built on the site where once stood the Church of St. George on the ruins of a Christian Church a new building was erected, which turned into baths, approximately in 1571, when Nicosia was invaded by the Ottomans. It was then, during many of the battles were completely destroyed the Church, "freeing up space" for a bath.

Fast enough Büyük Hamam has become very popular among the local population, as in most houses of the city there was no special place for bathing. Though the Church of St. George and was completely destroyed, but part of it has been preserved to our days is the entrance arch, decorated with delicate patterns. Remarkably, the old door so the donkey that is 1 meter below the road level.

To date, despite the age of this institution, it is still open to visitors. It has a dressing room, but also "cold" and "hot" Department. From the point of view of the architecture of the baths are nothing special, but the people working there are true masters of their craft and for a small additional gift will show all that capable.

In 2005, the room where the Büyük Hamam was closed for repairs and restoration that have been funded by the UN, and in 2010, the baths were again ready to take on all comers to experience the miraculous power of the Turkish baths