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Caravanserai Büyük Han

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Caravanserai Büyük Han is located in the North of Nicosia, along with Selimiye mosque is one of the most important attractions of the Turkish part of Cyprus. Büyük Han was built in 1572 and is a complex of buildings that housed the Inn. However, the degree of protection is not inferior to the small fortress.

Caravanserai is a complex of four two storey interconnected buildings, arranged in the shape of a square, which total length is about 50 meters. Almost in the center of a closed from all sides of the courtyard stands a small octagonal mosque, and a swimming pool that is designed for the washing of the feet. The buildings themselves are built of yellow stone, decorated with many arches, towers and columns. Around the inner perimeter of the buildings are wide verandas.

Later, starting in 1878, after the capture of this territory by the British coaching Inn turned into a prison. However, after the Second world war, the Büyük Han became a shelter for the homeless. Soon, however, the local authorities conducted a reconstruction of the complex and gave the building to the art Museum. Now in the Büyük Khan there are several cozy cafes and souvenir shops where you can buy wonderful handmade items - figurines, jewelry, soap, dishes, as well as delicious Turkish sweets.

In addition, even more popular among tourists, this place acquired the famous Turkish shadow theatre, whose performances in Cyprus can only be seen in the Büyük Khan.