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Not far from the ancient town of Paphos are the ruins of the ancient temple complex called Asclepion, which was dedicated to the God of healing and medicine, Asclepius.

According to legend, Asklepios gave birth to a mortal woman, and he was an ordinary man, despite the fact that his father was considered to be Apollo himself. Little Asclepius was raised by the centaur Chiron as Apollo ordered the killing of his mother - his beloved - for treason. Subsequently, in the art of healing Asclepius has reached such heights that he could even raise the dead. Due to this, their extraordinary talent to heal people after his death he resurrected and was granted immortality, becoming a God. Asclepius was highly revered in Ancient Greece and Rome.

Thanks to the efforts of archaeologists who discovered the ruins of the temple, now you can easily imagine how it looked once huge structure many centuries ago. The temple complex in Paphos includes several buildings, the main of which consisted of a series of terraces one above the other. Around him was a large yard. At the top of the Central building was the main temple, where was a sanctuary of Asclepius. In addition, the middle terrace was converted into a temple of Apollo, which is also very revered by the inhabitants of ancient Paphos.

In addition to the Asklepion worshipped these two gods, the temple was a kind of educational-medical center: people came for medical aid, there was also the "school" where people were trained medical.

Many scientists link the asclepeion with the legendary ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, believing that it was in honor of him, not Asklepios, was built this temple.