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A small but very picturesque village of Kakopetria is located in the Metropolitan area, 55 kilometers southwest of Nicosia. It is located almost at the foot of the Troodos mountains at an altitude of 667 metres above sea level and is considered the "high" settlement in the Solea valley. The village is surrounded by dense forest and stays on the banks of two rivers - Kargotis and Garillis.

In total, the village has about 1200 permanent residents, in addition, many wealthy Cypriots have real estate there and spend in Kakopetria all summer.

The first mention of the village appeared during the middle Ages, however, this area was inhabited even earlier - in VI-VII centuries, which was confirmed by excavations conducted in 1938. It was then discovered the sanctuary, which were probably created in honor of the goddess Athena. In addition, there was found a large amount of clay, bronze and iron products, mainly statues, which portrayed Athena, Hercules and other characters of Greek myths.

Kakopetria, because of its mild climate, cozy narrow streets, friendly atmosphere and natural beauty has gained much popularity among tourists. In addition the village has several attractions that are worth seeing - churches, museums, monuments to prominent local residents. So when you visit Kakopetria should definitely visit the Museum of "LINOS", which exhibits are devoted to "national" products - wine, bread and olive oil. Also a special place in the history of the village is the Church of St. Nicholas, which was once part of a monastery complex built in the XI century.