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The Village Of Omodos

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The mountain village of Omodos is located in the district of Larnaca, just 80 kilometres from Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. The village is located among the high mountains of Troodos and has been famous for its vineyards and orchards.

Unfortunately, the history of Omodos is known not so much. Scientists believe that earlier, in the Byzantine era, this area was located the village Coopera. However, it was destroyed during a confrontation between the self-proclaimed Byzantine Emperor and the ruler of Cyprus Isaac Comnenus and the English king Richard the Lionheart. After some time after the disappearance Cuitry on this earth, the village of Omodos, which is marked on maps as Nomolos and Komodos.

This village is famous primarily for its wine production, which is the main occupation of the locals. Every year in August in Omodos is a wine festival where you can not only taste the best local made wine this alcoholic beverage, but to try traditional national cuisine, participate in competitions and various entertainment.

In addition, one of the main attractions of the village is the beautiful stone Church of the Holy cross, built, according to some sources, in the year 337, when it was part of a larger monastery. It is considered one of the most Holy sites of Cyprus, as there is stored a fragment of rope with which Jesus Christ was tied to the cross and relics of many saints.

The village also has several museums, among which the traditional wine Museum, Museum of Byzantine icons and folk art Museum.