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Church Agios Elias

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Small Orthodox Church Agios Elias (SV. Elijah) located in Protaras, was built in honor of prophet Elijah in the XIV century. It is located on top of a cliff near the sea coast. The Church is a narrow and steep staircase. And the locals believe that if the time of ascent and descent to count her steps and not to stray from the account, so that their number eventually coincide, it will mean the remission of all sins.

The Church of Agios Elias is made in a traditional Byzantine style and is famous for its beautiful old paintings, which are very well preserved to the present day. These paintings mostly depict scenes from the Bible and Orthodox saints. Overall, the interior looks quite modest, but cozy - there is a simple wooden altar, the walls are not covered with paintings, painted white. The roof was topped with the traditional Byzantine style with a dome and high cross, there is also a small bell tower.

But in the evening and at night, this structure may seem a Palace thanks to the beautiful lighting that literally transforms Agios Elias.

Near the temple, which is very popular in Cyprus, grows the tree of wishes - to dream has been fulfilled, a branch must tie a ribbon or scarf. Often tourists for this purpose even cut a piece of his clothing.

Despite his rather advanced age, the Church of Agios Elias is in excellent condition. In the temple a few times, restoration works were done, which made it possible to preserve the beauty of this ancient building.

In addition, from the top of the cliff, where is Ayios Elias, offers a magnificent view of the surroundings.