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The Monastery Hrisoroyatissa

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Surrounded by lush greenery, the monastery of the Mother of God of Hrisoroyatissa located in the Western part of the Troodos mountains, just 25 kilometres from Paphos. It is believed that its founder was a monk called Ignatios who found at the coast of Pafos the miraculous icon of the blessed virgin. She was allegedly thrown into the sea in Asia Minor in the ninth century, during the iconoclasm. By Providence the Holy image was not lost or damaged - with its waves came to shore of Cyprus, with absolutely no damage. To preserve this icon in 1152 in the mountains at an altitude of 700 meters and was built the monastery Hrisoroyatissa, whose name translates as "our lady of the Golden pomegranate".

But in the form in which we see the monastery today, he appeared only in the times of Turkish occupation in 1770. And at the end of the XVIII century this place had a major reconstruction. On the site of the old Church, located right in the centre of the monastery grounds, was built a new, three entrance to which is decorated with elegant frescoes.

The largest values Hrisoroyatissa are two icons in silver and gold salary: the already mentioned icon of the Theotokos and the icon of Jesus Christ. It is believed that they are both written by the Apostle Luke.

In addition to its beauty, rich collection of icons and values that are stored in the newly created Museum Hrisoroyatissa, the monastery is famous for fine wine, which is made at a local winery and considered one of the best on the island. In addition, every year on August 15 in the monastery arranged a kind of patronal feast, during which is held a solemn and magnificent service.