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The Church of Agios Georgios at Cape Drepano

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The current small Church of Agios Georgios, built in honor of St. George, located on the southern coast of the Akamas Peninsula only 40 minutes drive from Paphos. She is on the edge, a rocky cliff at Cape Drepano.

Down on the coast is a small fishing port, sandy beach and a village, also named in honor of St. George. In addition, nearby you can find the ruins of the Basilica of the Saint, which dates back to the early Christian period. There are also ancient tombs, carved into the rock. Scientists believe that this area was located a large city that played a significant role in the life of the island. But it is still virtually nothing is known.

The Church itself, despite its relatively modest size, is almost the only landmark of the village. And once she was part of a larger monastery, standing on this place. Agios Georgios is built in Byzantine style, but in contrast to the traditional Byzantine churches it has no dome. Inside the Church is almost empty, it is spacious and light, but very comfortable.

Christians George is the patron Saint of love, therefore, in this place, people often come in to pray for the strengthening of their relations. Right beside the Church grows the tree of wishes, which is believed to can help you find true love.