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Castello citadel and Othello's tower

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The legendary fortress of Castello, located in the Northern part of the city's fortifications, built by the Venetians, is one of the most popular attractions of Famagusta. It was built specifically to protect the harbour from attack from the sea. Before the citadel was surrounded by a deep moat filled with water, but in the nineteenth century it had to be drained to prevent malaria.

The fortress itself is a large quadrangular building, each corner of which is dominated by a strong round tower.

That is one of the towers, and made this place world famous. It's called "Othello" and was named in honor of well-known character of the eponymous play by Shakespeare. It is believed that the plot of this work has been partially taken from the life of the Venetian commander Christopher Moro on the Italian word "Moro" meaning "moor". He commanded the Cypriot troops from 1505 to 1508, was killed and his wife Desdemona. According to legend, fell in love with her a Lieutenant, but she didn't accept his advances. Then the rejected man has slandered Desdemona, causing a jealous spouse ordered to kill her. Though technically a murderer of the unfortunate was not Moreau, but in this crime blamed him, and then stripped of all ranks. But the wily Lieutenant was given his position.

But in General the citadel no less interesting than the separate Othello's tower. Above the entrance to the fortress is the image of the winged lion - the symbol of the Venetian Republic. After passing through this arch, you can get into a large courtyard, where there were ancient bronze cannon and stone core of catapults. Inside the building, tourists are offered to walk through long dark corridors, and suggest to have a flashlight to have a good look at everything.