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The ruins of the Church of Panagia valana Limeniotissa

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The famous Church of Panagia valana Limeniotissa located in Paphos, is considered one of the most ancient Christian temples of the island. It was built in the V century, in the early Christian period, in honour of the Mother of God Limenitis, who is the patroness of the harbour of Kato Paphos. The Church, or rather those ruins that remained from it, located very near the city port. Now it is surrounded by modern cafes and restaurants.

Over its long history the Church of Panagia valana Limeniotissa was twice completely destroyed. The first time it happened in the seventh century, when Cyprus was attacked by Arab troops. However, at the end of the same century it was completely restored. But stood new Panagia valana Limeniotissa not for long. After the devastating earthquake of 1222, which has destroyed many other Grand buildings on the island, the temple rebuild has failed.

Though the Church today has remained virtually in ruins, there is still quite well preserved part of the Foundation and one column, and almost untouched by time, beautiful mosaic floors, which are executed in the traditional Byzantine style. In addition, in our time was fully restored a few columns of the temple.

Now this place is a great interest among tourists and even locals, as it has really great historical and cultural value. These ruins allow you to literally touch the ancient history of the island and to feel the atmosphere of the era.