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The ruins of the Palazzo del Proveditore

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The Venetians, who in the XV-XVI centuries belonged to the government of Cyprus, have played an important role in the development of the island. And they took it almost without bloodshed and violence by decades of intrigue. Immediately after the departure from Cyprus of the French, they began to direct their orders there. So, the first thing they did was transferred the capital of Cyprus from Nicosia to Famagusta. It was during Italian rule, the city had erected a huge number of new buildings, with more than 1500 palaces that still delight and the locals and foreign tourists.

One of these buildings is the Palazzo del Proveditore, which at that time lived the Governor. It is located in the Western part of the square Namik Kemal and was built around 1550 on the site of the Royal castle, created in the XIII century during the Lusignan period.

Unfortunately, from the Palazzo del Proveditore now little left - it was almost completely destroyed by Turkish troops, which at one time used it as a prison. To the present day preserved only the facade of the building and its Western wall, and four large columns which support the passageway, consisting of three high arches. Moreover, these columns of the Roman era especially brought from the ancient city of Salamis.

As for arches, they have been designed following the example of the triumphal arch of Ancient Rome, and the Central part still preserved coat of arms of one of the governors of the time of Giovanni Renier.

Around the ruins you can see a lot of cannonballs.

Surprisingly, until recently this place was used as a car Park. However, now in the Palazzo del Proveditore are a variety of concerts and performances.