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The Temple Of Aphrodite

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The history of Paphos is inextricably linked with the name of a beautiful Greek goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite, because it is believed that on the coast, near this city she was born from the sea foam. It is not surprising that the temple built in her honor, the ruins of which are now just 15 kilometers from modern Paphos village of Kouklia, was one of the most important throughout the ancient world.

Despite the fact that the worship of Aphrodite in Cyprus were only in the 1500's BC, there is evidence that the Church at this place was established around 3800 BC, it is believed that the cult of Aphrodite arose "on the basis of the" cult of the Phoenician goddess of fertility Ishtar.

In Kukliu people came from Egypt and Greece to worship the most beautiful of the beautiful. Especially many pilgrims went there in the spring, when there was held the Aphrodisia is a special festivals in honor of Aphrodite, during which the temple was arranged orgies. However, scientists believe that they were not as extensive and wanton, as described in the literature.

The temple fell into disrepair after the island began to spread Christianity around the fourth century B. C. today there are only ruins - the foundations and a few fragments of buildings. But now it is possible to imagine its former grandeur.

During archaeological excavations, which began in 1887, this place was discovered a huge number of artifacts, art objects that have great historical value. So, there were found the statuettes, ceramics and copper, and even clay sarcophagus, which depicts a scene from "the Odyssey" and "Iliad". The finds are now stored in the museums of Paphos, London and new York.