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The Village Palehori

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Palehori village is located in the capital district of Cyprus, just 40 kilometers from the Nicosia district Pitsilia. The village is a fairly large town, the first written mention of which appeared 700 years ago. Enough about the great age of the village says the name Palehori, which translates as "old village". It is surrounded by picturesque mountains and lush vegetation, and the river Cerrahi on which banks located Palehori, divides it into two equal parts practical. The main occupation of the locals is the traditional cultivation of fruits and berries, olives and wine.

The village itself is famous for its ancient customs and traditions, which its residents are quite zealous to observe and protect. The main attractions are two historic churches that date back to the Byzantine era. One of them - "Metamorfosi" - stone temple of the Transfiguration, which is located almost in the centre Palehori. It was built in the XVII century and is a fine example of traditional Byzantine architecture. Inside its walls are covered with amazing frescoes Dating back to the year 1612. At the beginning of this century, the Church entered the list of UNESCO cultural heritage. Another famous place of the village is the sixteenth-century Church of Panagia Chrysobalanus, famous for its paintings.

In addition, the village has several museums, including the Church, where you can see ancient icons, vestments of priests and temple utensils, and a Museum dedicated to national liberation struggle.

Despite his advanced age, Palehori has a modern infrastructure and it offers its guests comfortable accommodation.