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The archaeological Museum of Paphos

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The district archaeological Museum, located in Paphos, is part of the Nicosia Museum - one of the most famous museums of Cyprus. It contains almost all of the archaeological finds which were recently discovered on the territory of Paphos and its surroundings, and some of them were brought from other regions of Cyprus. The Museum contains exhibits that illustrate the rich and the rich history of the island. Some of them date back to the Neolithic period.

The Museum was founded in 1964 after Cyprus gained its independence. The Museum opened five rooms, the exhibits in which are collected by themes and in chronological order, and a special room where you can see the large stone slabs with inscriptions and drawings. The first room contains stone tools, jewelry, ceramics, images, idols, articles of iron and bronze. In the second hall there are statues of marble, stone sculptures of antiquity, and a collection of coins, which belong to the several epochs. The third hall will be interesting to fans of the Roman period - there you can find ceramic, marble and glass vessels and sculptures, stone sarcophagi. In the fourth hall contains exhibits of the Roman and Byzantine periods, mainly fragments of wall-paintings in tombs and houses. The last exposition hall presents exhibits that relate to the period of the middle Ages glass and crockery, elements of the painted surfaces and a variety of sculptures.