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The Monastery Of The Apostle Andrew

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The ancient monastery of St Andrew the Apostle is located near the city of Famagusta on the Karpas Peninsula. Unfortunately, the history of its creation is known not so much. According to the legend, in the I century ad during the sea voyage from Constantinople to Palestine on the ship, which was the Apostle Andrew, it was a disaster - the captain of the vessel catastrophically quickly began to lose vision. The travelers were just near the Karpaz Peninsula. Then Andrew ordered the sailors to go ashore and find the source of water, which he was sure would heal the captain. But the men, the spring was never found. When they, at the insistence of the Apostle, rolled one of the coastal boulders of cracks scored the spring, the water of which over two days gave sight to the captain. After returning to Palestine saved the man commanded to make an icon with the face of the Apostle and I took her to a wonderful source, where he left as a symbol of what happened is a miracle. Soon this place began to flock to the pilgrims, eager to heal their illness.

The first monastery on this place appeared in the XII century, but it was soon completely destroyed. After some time, around the XV century there was built a small chapel, followed three centuries the place was built a new monastery with a Church, which survived until our days. Now this place is equally venerated by Christians and Muslims, who refer to it as to a sacred place. It is very popular among tourists, despite the fact that is not in the best condition. Recently, the UN even had to allocate funds for its repair.

Although the buildings look old, but they have a special atmosphere that brings the soul peace and tranquility. Besides, the monastery offers a wonderful view of the sea.