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The Monastery Of St. Thecla

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The monastery was built in honor of St. Thecla, a disciple of the Apostle Peter, which he himself called his "first spiritual daughter", is located between Limassol and Larnaca and is considered one of the greatest shrines of the island. There every year come thousands of pilgrims from around the world.

Especially this place is popular among those who suffer from any disease and have lost all hope of healing. There is plenty of documented evidence of how after visiting the monastery people really well.

According to legend, once upon a time, Saint Helena, stopping at Cyprus on the way from Jerusalem to Constantinople, found this place an amazing source from which water could cure almost any disease. In addition, the clay it is considered to be healing - it can help many people managed to get rid of virtually incurable skin diseases.

Over time, about 1471, there was built a monastery, although documentary evidence of its existence applies only to the XVIII century. From this time the monastery is mentioned in historical Chronicles. It is known that in the late XVIII century there were only a few monks, and literally in a hundred years it was converted into a school in which studied the children from nearby villages. Only in 1956, the building was again transferred to the Church. Since there is a convent.

Its main Shrine is a part of the relics of St. Thecla, which, in the words of tourists visiting there, always warm to the touch.

Every year on 24 September at the monastery celebrate the feast day, which attracts a huge number of believers.