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Convent. Irakli in the Political

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Convent of St. Heraclius (Heracleides) is located in the South-Eastern part of the village, Politico, which is located near the ancient city of Tamassos, district of Nicosia. The monastery was founded in honor of St. Heraclius, who lived at the turn of I-II centuries. Heraclius was considered a disciple of the apostles Peter, Barnabas and Mark, which made him the first Bishop of Tamassos.

Saint Heraclius played a really significant role in the dissemination and popularization of Christianity in Cyprus, so he is especially revered by the locals.

The monastery was established on the site of an ancient cave temple where it is believed, lived Holy, and after their martyrdom, were buried. Since then, the monastery was destroyed and rebuilt many times, until in 1773, the then Archbishop Chrysanthos not engaged in its restoration. However, after some time the monastery was abandoned. But in 1962, on the initiative known for their activism Archbishop Makarios, he was restored, and there is a community of nuns. Now inmate of the monastery, of which there are about fifty, are engaged in honey production and making sweets for sale.

Especially this monastery is famous for its beautiful Byzantine frescoes. In addition, the monastery contains the relics of Saint Heraclius, the head of St. Barnabas - the founder of the Church of Cyprus, which stoned to death. His remains are in a silver plated sarcophagus. Is preserved the cave where he lived and prayed the Holy Heraclius, which is also open to the public.