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Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist

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Nicosia is not only the capital of Cyprus, but also the spiritual center of the island. This city is home to a huge number of Christian temples and churches. So, one of such shrines is the Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, located in the heart of Nicosia in the old city.

The Cathedral would be erected in the XVII century on the site of a monastery, which belonged to Western European Benedictine order, and named in honor of St. John. From the monastery there was only a small building, which is now the exposition of the ethnographic Museum.

The Cathedral was created at a time when the island was under the rule of the Ottomans, so externally it looks quite modestly, in order not to attract too much attention - this is a relatively small building without a dome, with a low bell tower. Despite its modest appearance and small size, this temple is a truly unique structure. Its interior is striking in its beauty and luxury: the walls and ceiling are almost completely covered by beautiful colorful frescoes that were created in the years 1736-1756, depicting various scenes from the Bible, and events of the struggle of the Church of Cyprus for independence. Among other stories there's even a detailed image of the scene of the last judgment. Memorial Baptist Church is the only Church in the city, where fully managed to preserve ancient wall paintings. In addition, next to it is a Museum of old icons, some of them more than a thousand years.

Due to the fact that this Saint is equally revered as the Orthodox and Catholics in this place every year attracts thousands of pilgrims. Also in this temple is the coronation of the new archbishops of the island.